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Thesis project at Scania is an excellent way of making contacts for your future working life. Many of our current employees started their career with a thesis project.

Scania works continuously to develop internal combustion engines which can achieve low pollutant emissions and high efficiency. This requires understanding of all the processes involved from air intake to exhaust gas treatment including combustion process.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools can play a great role in helping us understand fluid phenomena and to obtain detailed information which is difficult to obtain otherwise. Depending on your background and wishes, we can offer you a master thesis project that can suit you!

Preferred experiences:

  • CFD in form of courses or projects
  • Data processing
  • Scripting and programming
  • Optimization

Number of students: 1-2
Start date: January/February 2018
Estimated time needed: 20 weeks

Contact persons and supervisors:
Eric Furbo, Supervisor, 08-553 532 06,
Olle Bodin, Supervisor, 08-553 715 01,

Enclose CV, personal letter and school-leaving certificate.

Selection will be done continuously.

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